Int. J. of Financial Innovation in Banking   »   2017 Vol.1, No.3/4



Title: Financial performance efficiency of Indonesia government banks in improving profitability


Author: Selamet Riyadi


Address: Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Perbanas Institute, Jakarta, 12940, Indonesia


Abstract: Macro economic factors are commonly being considered as useful indicators for predicting the trajectories of state-owned banks' earning. To explore and learn about the relationship between Indonesian state-owned banks' performance efficiency and their effects on the state of profitability, this study observes and analyses measured and correlated year to year earning changes and financial ratio in the period of 2007-2015. Data sample consisting of four state-owned banks are collected and analysed in this research by incorporating the panel regression approach with fixed effects models. Results of conducted analysis confirm that the net interest margin (NIM) and loan to deposit ratio (LDR) are exposing significant effect to both the earnings changes and the return on equity (ROE), whilst the capital adequacy ratio (CAR), return on asset, the national interest rate and the Indonesian exchange rate against the US dollar was not found to expose any significant effect.


Keywords: financial ratio; earning changes; performance efficiency; profitability; Indonesia state-owned banks; Indonesia central bank.


DOI: 10.1504/IJFIB.2017.10006439


Int. J. of Financial Innovation in Banking, 2017 Vol.1, No.3/4, pp.239 - 252


Submission date: 29 Aug 2016
Date of acceptance: 02 May 2017
Available online: 21 Jul 2017



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