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Title: Incomplete data chain for food safety traceability method


Author: Degang Xu


Address: School of Information Science and Engineering, Key Laboratory of Grain Information Processing and Control, Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, China


Abstract: The issue of food safety has attracted more and more attention. The entire supply chain of food quality can be tracked by traceability system. The tracing method is proposed to solve the problem of traceability data being missing, asynchronous or incomplete. The traceability unit turnaround time is employed to predict the flow state and estimate the historical flow route. The distribution of the turnaround time is estimated by historical data of the food chain. And the route estimation optimisation model is constructed, according to the distribution of traceability unit turnaround time among nodes and the minimum difference between the total time of route between two points and the given time. Monte Carlo simulation is used to estimate the time distribution of the route and verify the feasibility of traceability unit flow route. The simulation results show that this method can predict the traceability unit flow conditions and estimate the historical flow route of traceability unit in the food chain network.


Keywords: food safety; traceability; incomplete data chain; optimisation model; simulation.


DOI: 10.1504/IJWMC.2017.10004969


Int. J. of Wireless and Mobile Computing, 2017 Vol.12, No.2, pp.124 - 130


Submission date: 28 Jun 2016
Date of acceptance: 22 Dec 2016
Available online: 08 May 2017



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