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Title: Business theatre in management studies: a structured literature review and future research directions


Authors: Claudio Baccarani; Angelo Bonfanti


Department of Business Administration, University of Verona, Via Cantarane 24, 37129 Verona, Italy
Department of Business Administration, University of Verona, Via Cantarane 24, 37129 Verona, Italy


Abstract: This paper aims to provide a structured literature review about business theatre in management studies to reveal potential gaps in the existing background and suggest directions for future research on this performing art-based training method. This is a conceptual paper whose analytical approach draws heavily on theoretical evidence published in management literature. Especially, it suggests: (a) to extend the research areas on business theatre to creativity, communication, generational change, marketing, corporate social responsibility and higher education; (b) to highlight the importance of theatre-based training for developing self-awareness, awareness of others and creative abilities in managers and students; (c) to create relationships among scholars and practitioners from different nationalities to extend the studies at an international level; and (d) to undertake qualitative and quantitative empirical studies as well as further conceptual research, through survey and interviews. Scholars can use this paper as reference to identify specific research areas that can be theoretically and empirically investigated to further advance knowledge on this topic.


Keywords: corporate theatre; drama enactment; improvisational theatre; journal review; learning methods; management development; research agenda; soft skills; theatre-based performing arts; training methods; business theatre; management education; literature review; creativity; communication; generational change; marketing; corporate social responsibility; CSR; higher education; self-awareness.


DOI: 10.1504/IJMFA.2016.10002757


Int. J. of Managerial and Financial Accounting, 2016 Vol.8, No.3/4, pp.334 - 360


Submission date: 11 May 2016
Date of acceptance: 03 Nov 2016
Available online: 25 Jan 2017



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