Title: Design of a tweakable image encryption algorithm using chaos-based schema


Author: Assia Beloucif; Oussama Noui; Lemnouar Noui


Department of Computer Science, University of Batna, Batna, Algeria
Department of Computer Science, University of Batna, Batna, Algeria
Department of Mathematics, University of Batna, Batna, Algeria


Journal: Int. J. of Information and Computer Security, 2016 Vol.8, No.3, pp.205 - 220


Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a tweakable colour image encryption scheme based on confusion-diffusion architecture, we use the piecewise nonlinear chaotic map to generate pseudo-random sequences through the encryption process. With the addition of the tweak identical, a plain image can be encrypted to different cipher images. Thus, it is impossible for an opponent to break the scheme. Satisfactory security performances are attained by only one encryption round and the effectiveness is much enhanced. We describe our algorithm in details and illustrate its security, effectiveness and robustness by using security analysis and simulations. Comparisons with existing colour image encryption schemes have been performed showing that the proposed scheme offers very affirmative performances.


Keywords: chaos theory; chaotic systems; confidentiality; colour images; image encryption; security analysis; simulation; cryptography; piecewise nonlinear chaotic maps; cipher images.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1504/IJICS.2016.079183


Available online 19 Sep 2016



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