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Title: Towards adaptive ubiquitous learning systems


Authors: Inssaf El Guabassi; Mohammed Al Achhab; Ismail Jellouli; Badr Eddine El Mohajir


Faculty of Sciences, Tetuan, 93030, Morocco
National School of Applied Sciences, Tetuan, 93030, Morocco
Faculty of Sciences, Tetuan, 93030, Morocco
Faculty of Sciences, Tetuan, 93030, Morocco


Abstract: Nowadays the advancement and presence of computing and communication technologies have promoted the new learning paradigms, from traditional learning, to mobile learning and now ubiquitous learning. Following this last paradigm, we need a learner model because it is an essential component in all adaptive learning systems, furthermore, the consideration of learning styles and learner context has been demonstrated to have various advantages for learners in ubiquitous settings. In this paper, we propose an approach to provide adaptation and personalisation in ubiquitous settings, considering a combination of students' learning styles, existing learning standards and learner context.


Keywords: adaptive learning systems; ubiquitous learning; u-learning; context awareness; learning styles; learner models; adaptation; personalisation.


DOI: 10.1504/IJKL.2016.078653


Int. J. of Knowledge and Learning, 2016 Vol.11, No.1, pp.3 - 23


Submission date: 25 Jul 2015
Date of acceptance: 23 Feb 2016
Available online: 29 Aug 2016



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