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Title: Integrated water management using feasible goals method and interactive decision maps: the case of Odivelas irrigation


Authors: Rui Fragoso; Vladimir Bushenkov; Carlos Marques


CEFAGE/ICAAM, Department of Management, University of Évora, Apartado 94, 7000 Évora, Portugal
CIMA, Department of Mathematics, University of Évora, Apartado 94, 7000 Évora, Portugal
CEFAGE, University of Évora, Department of Management, Apartado 94, 7000 Évora, Portugal


Abstract: In Mediterranean areas water scarcity is a real problem and stakeholders have conflicting visions and interests. This paper aims to determine feasible and efficient combinations of stakeholder goals using an integrated water management approach. A framework based on the feasible goals method/interactive decision maps (FGM/IDM) technique to approximate all Pareto optimal solutions of a linear multi-criteria model was developed. The model was applied to the Odivelas irrigated area in southern Portugal and a participative decision making was obtained considering multiple stakeholders goals that are in conflict.


Keywords: water management; multicriteria decision making; MCDM; interactive decision maps; feasible goal method; Odivelas irrigation; Portugal; participative decision making.


DOI: 10.1504/IJSSOC.2015.073565


Int. J. of Sustainable Society, 2015 Vol.7, No.4, pp.353 - 369


Submission date: 02 Jun 2014
Date of acceptance: 31 Dec 2014
Available online: 12 Dec 2015



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