Int. J. of Business Continuity and Risk Management   »   2015 Vol.6, No.1



Title: The whole at a glance: risk, information and corporate decisions


Author: Angelo Corelli


Address: Department of Business and Administration, Bursa Orhangazi University, Bursa, Turkey


Abstract: The paper aims to be a guide for understanding the role of information in decision making and how this influences the decisions regarding financing a corporation. The risk approach is widely used in practice in order to establish precise boundaries in which decision plans can be constrained in order to optimise the outcome of the funding process. That is in the interest of the shareholders but also external investors who might be interested in joining determined projects. Finally, the Appendix describes in details the delta normal approach as a good value at risk methodology to assess risk.


Keywords: investment; moral hazard; value at risk; VAR; information role; decision making; corporate decisions; corporate finance; risk assessment.


DOI: 10.1504/IJBCRM.2015.070352


Int. J. of Business Continuity and Risk Management, 2015 Vol.6, No.1, pp.48 - 58


Submission date: 14 Jan 2015
Date of acceptance: 27 Mar 2015
Available online: 02 Jul 2015



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