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Title: Prospective FDI opportunities for India and BRICS


Author: Ratna Vadra


Address: IMT, GHAZIABAD, Raj Nagar, Raj Kunj, (U.P), India


Abstract: Emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) have acquired important role in the world economy as producers of goods and services. BRICS countries prominently attract larger capital because of their larger potential consumer market having the common characteristic of large population. FDI has increasingly been viewed by policy makers in developing and emerging market economies as a tool to finance development increase in productivity and import new technologies. In addition, the relative stability of FDI inflows constitutes a buffer against sharp reversals in portfolio inflows during periods of crisis, such as the one experienced in 2008-2009. India has immense amenities which are untapped due to policy paralysis and other major factors such as lack of transparent taxation system, inflexible business regulations, difficulty in starting a business, etc. This study proposes a comparative analysis of present situations prevailing in the FDI in and out of India, its relationship with respect to other BRICS nations The objective of the study is to compare the growth and forecasts of FDI inflows to BRIC countries. The growth of FDI inflows for the period of 1991-2010 and the forecasts of FDI inflows for the next ten years, i.e., 2011-2020 are computed in the study.


Keywords: trade liberalisation; regionalism; trade expansion; BRICS countries; FDI; outflows; investment opportunity; India.


DOI: 10.1504/IJICBM.2015.069646


Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business Management, 2015 Vol.10, No.4, pp.450 - 459


Available online: 04 Apr 2015



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