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Title: Technology failing CRM: current issues in the Indian banking industry


Authors: Sandeep Puri; Rahul Verma


Faculty in Marketing, Institute of Management Technology, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, India
ICICI Bank, Raipur, India


Abstract: Successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has emerged as a vital tool for the Indian banking sector as it helps in building a customer-centric organisation. The goal of CRM in the banking sector is to provide high touch in this high-tech environment. Technology changes, deregulation, increasing competition, mobile revolution and the internet have all increased the customer expectations. Customers are expecting more from the banks in terms of customerised offerings, attractive returns, ease of access and transparency in different transactions. CRM helps to manage different aspects of customer interactions in a manner that facilitates banks in creating a connection with its customers and in maximising profitability from every customer. There are many factors hampering the successful implementation of CRM in different banks. This paper is based on literature review and explores the issues related to the CRM implementation in the banking industry in India.


Keywords: customer relationship management; CRM technology; India; banking industry; consumer behaviour; customer expectations; literature review; CRM implementation; banks; bank customers.


DOI: 10.1504/IJIIM.2014.067930


Int. J. of Intercultural Information Management, 2014 Vol.4, No.4, pp.238 - 246


Submission date: 06 Mar 2014
Date of acceptance: 12 Nov 2014
Available online: 06 Mar 2015



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