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Title: Cloud computing for brain segmentation - a perspective from the technology and evaluations


Author: Victor Chang


Address: School of Computing, Creative Technologies and Engineering, Leeds Metropolitan University, Room 204, Caedom Hall, Leeds, UK; Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, ESS Group, Level 4, Building 53, Southampton, UK


Abstract: This paper examines how cloud computing can be used in the area of brain segmentation with regard to satisfactory technical and user evaluations. It explains eleven APIs associated with each brain segment and the process of capturing data for each segment. Functionality and experiments associated with each API are discussed. Dancing is to capture data more easily. Results are used to explain why some segments are more active in dancing, with two evaluations undertaken. The first evaluation is the use of brain segmentations developed for medical cloud computing education (MCCE) and results confirm that cloud computing offers a 20% improvement in learning satisfaction. The second evaluation is focused on recapturing a lost skill. Results confirm that volunteers have their heartbeat, blood pressure, emotion, body coordination and vision at their peak. Benefits of using cloud brain segmentation technology are presented to illustrate positive impacts to healthcare informatics, education and cost reduction.


Keywords: healthcare cloud; brain segmentation; cloud computing; medical cloud; computing education; dancing; learner satisfaction; heartbeat; blood pressure; emotions; body coordination; vision; healthcare informatics; healthcare education; cost reduction.


DOI: 10.1504/IJBDI.2014.066954


Int. J. of Big Data Intelligence, 2014 Vol.1, No.4, pp.192 - 204


Submission date: 16 Nov 2013
Date of acceptance: 21 Jan 2014
Available online: 18 Jan 2015



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