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Title: A method to extend flamelet manifolds for prediction of NOx and long time scale species with tabulated chemistry


Authors: Aymeric Boucher; Nicolas Bertier; Francis Dupoirieux


Onera – The French Aerospace Lab, F-92322, Chatillon, France
Onera – The French Aerospace Lab, F-92322, Chatillon, France
Onera – The French Aerospace Lab, F-91123, Palaiseau, France


Abstract: Numerical simulation is currently used to help design low NOx devices for aircraft engines. In order to improve the prediction of pollutant species, combustion models based on tabulated chemistry have been commonly used in recent years. However, the short time scales of usual flamelet manifolds can lead to errors concerning the NO prediction in post flame area, as shown in this paper. Thus, a new method is proposed to extend the manifold in order to describe the evolution of species with a long characteristic time. This method is tested in the framework of 0D-1D computations. The use of the extended manifold is shown to be necessary to correctly predict the evolution of NO concentration in burnt gases. As an example, the extended and classical manifolds were compared in the framework of 2D simulations of an industrial-like combustor, showing an evident difference on the NO levels predicted in the outlet section.


Keywords: tabulated chemistry; combustion modelling; NOx formation; pollutant prediction; sustainable aviation; nitrogen oxides; flamelet manifolds; numerical simulation; aircraft engines; engine emissions; aircraft emissions; air pollution.


DOI: 10.1504/IJSA.2014.065484


Int. J. of Sustainable Aviation, 2014 Vol.1, No.2, pp.181 - 202


Submission date: 06 May 2014
Date of acceptance: 20 Jun 2014
Available online: 26 Oct 2014



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