Int. J. of Global Energy Issues   »   1992 Vol.4, No.4



Title: The political economy of a biomass energy response to global warming (GREENS)


Author: Peter Read


Address: Economics Department, Massey University, New Zealand


Abstract: GREENS (Global Redevelopment with Energy Environment Sustainability) is a concept that provides a response to global warming which integrates the technological, economic and political aspects of the problem. Technological and economic aspects are discussed elsewhere. The political aspects involve a context in which growth in energy use is foreseen mostly in the 'South', where the Third World Debt burden is perceived to be unfair. However, the 'South' provides promising venues for biomass production and GREENS offers the prospect of biomass technology transfer in support of progress in newly developing countries, per contra alternative responses which hinder the 'South's' development. But countries like Russia, China and India (dubbed 'East' countries) with developed fossil fuel systems, present a significant burden upon the 'North' until future technologies become available and/or the 'East's' economic progress fits it to share the cost of biomass substitution.


Keywords: biomass energy; global warming response; North-South; sustainable energy; third world debt; sustainability; political economy; biomass technology transfer; developing countries; sustainable development.


DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.1992.063622


Int. J. of Global Energy Issues, 1992 Vol.4, No.4, pp.275-286


Available online: 17 Jul 2014



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