Int. J. of Monetary Economics and Finance   »   2013 Vol.6, No.2/3



Title: Organised crime and corruption. The effects on legitimate business: evidence from Northern Italy


Author: Eleonora Montani


Address: CREDI, Bocconi University, Via Roentgen 1, 20136 Milan, Italy


Abstract: The links between organised crime and corruption have grown to become an important research agenda of international interest. It is not surprising, therefore, that the UN convention against corruption 2003 (UNCAC - known as the 'Merida Convention'), drew attention to the importance of this phenomenon, the worrying links between corruption and other forms of crime, with particular reference to organised crime. Organised crime and corruption overlap and reinforce each other practically and culturally as well. In this paper, I will consider the links between organised crime and corruption, and attempt to identify the "criminal fabric and its resources that pollute heavily economics, politics and the life of the country, reducing the potential for human, economic and civil development" (Arnone, 2009, p.7).


Keywords: organised crime; corruption; economics of crime; economic development; legitimate business; Italy.


DOI: 10.1504/IJMEF.2013.056401


Int. J. of Monetary Economics and Finance, 2013 Vol.6, No.2/3, pp.261 - 270


Available online: 13 Sep 2013



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