Int. J. of Collaborative Enterprise   »   2013 Vol.3, No.2/3



Title: An ontological model for supporting intention-based information sharing on collaborative problem solving


Authors: Rodrigo Bonacin; Julio Cesar Dos Reis; Heiko Hornung; M. Cecília C. Baranauskas


CTI Renato Archer and Faculty of Campo Limpo Paulista (FACCAMP), Rodovia Dom Pedro I, Km 143.6 – 13069-901, Campinas, SP, Brazil
CR SANTEC – Public Research Centre Henri Tudor and LRI, University of Paris-Sud XI, Av. des hauts fourneaux, L-4362, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Institute of Computing – UNICAMP, Av. Albert Einstein No. 1251, 13084-722, Campinas, SP, Brazil
Institute of Computing – UNICAMP, Av. Albert Einstein No. 1251, 13084-722, Campinas, SP, Brazil


Abstract: In web-based collaborative systems practitioners can share messages about their problems on daily work activities. These messages can also be used for analytical purposes. This possibility depends on a proper classification and adequate recovery of the messages regarding semantic and pragmatic aspects. The construction of a knowledge representation model that considers the pragmatic aspects of the messages is still an open research challenge. We argue that a model of this nature must include the association of semantics with illocutionary aspects of the users' communication. This paper proposes an ontology using semantic web (SemWeb) standards to associate messages to illocutions and ontology terms, as an integrated representation. The proposed model is grounded in the Pragmatic Web (PragWeb) perspective including Semiotics and Speech Act Theory (SAT). Furthermore, we conduct a case study with scenarios of two different systems, where special education specialists share problems of their daily work activities.


Keywords: pragmatic web; semantic web; ontology; knowledge representation; information sharing; collaborative problem solving; collaboration; semiotics; speech act theory; special education; daily work activities.


DOI: 10.1504/IJCENT.2013.053292


Int. J. of Collaborative Enterprise, 2013 Vol.3, No.2/3, pp.130 - 150


Available online: 14 Apr 2013



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