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Title: Development of genetic algorithm-based fuzzy logic controller for conical tank process


Authors: R. Arivalahan; P. Subbaraj; D. Devaraj


Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Jaya Engineering College, Thiruninravur, Chennai 602024, Tamil Nadu, India
Theni Kammavar Sangam College of Technology, Koduvilarpatty, Theni 625534, Tamil Nadu, India
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering, Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil 626190, Tamil Nadu, India


Abstract: The proportional integral derivative controllers are widely used in industries for controlling the different process variables due to its simplicity, flexibility and efficiency. Recently, the control of non-linear processes in the industries have turned the attention towards the intelligent controllers such as neural networks, fuzzy logic controller (FLC), genetic algorithm-(GA) tuned controllers, adaptive controller, predictive controller, robust controller, etc. This work focuses on developing a GA-based FLC for conical tank. A conical tank is a highly non-linear process due to the variation in the area of cross section of the level system with change in shape. Conventionally, a parameter adaptive proportional integral (PI) controller has been designed for non-linear process. Alternatively, in this work, an intelligent controller (GA-based FLC) is designed for the control of non-linear process to ensure the exact level control. The experimental results are obtained for servo and regulatory response of the process. The GA-based FLC is compared with adaptive PI controller.


Keywords: nonlinear processes; conical tanks; adaptive PI controllers; proportional integral control; genetic algorithms; fuzzy logic controllers; FLC; fuzzy control; integral square error; intelligent control; exact level control.


DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2013.052609


Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2013 Vol.13, No.4, pp.442 - 461


Available online: 14 Mar 2013



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