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New Journals

6 brand new journal titles have been published and uploaded to our online database since the previous Highlights. Here are their contents; to find the free full text of the articles of these inaugural issues, please click on the links provided:


International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy


  • The economic diplomacy of sovereign debt crises: Latin America and the euro-zone compared
  • Old habits die hard? Diplomacy at the World Trade Organisation and the 'new diplomatic studies paradigm'
  • Commercial diplomats as corporate entrepreneurs: explaining role behaviour from an institutional perspective
  • Measuring export support performance in Slovenia
  • Emerging trends and concerns in the economic diplomacy of African states


International Journal of Happiness and Development


  • Does intelligence boost happiness? Smartness of all pays more than being smarter than others
  • Adjusting to the crisis: well-being and economic conditions in Ireland
  • Diamond Dialogue method for the evaluation of personal well-being after a maternal health intervention in Lao PDR
  • Suboptimal choices and the need for experienced individual well-being in economic analysis
  • The determinants of happiness
  • Happiness policy and economic development
  • Life satisfaction of rich and poor under socialism and capitalism


International Journal of Lifecycle Performance Engineering


  • Introduction
  • Robustness of structures
  • Structural safety in case of extreme actions
  • The influence of degradation phenomena on collapse modes in prestressed concrete beams
  • Reliability based approach for structural design and assessment: performance criteria and indicators in current European codes and guidelines
  • Lively footbridges: overview and perspectives for the development of crowd and structure monitoring systems


International Journal of Mechanisms and Robotic Systems


  • IJMRS overview
  • A formulation for automatic generation of workspace boundary of N-R manipulators
  • A contribution for developing more efficient dynamic modelling algorithms of parallel robots
  • Basic problems and criteria for synthesis of robotics
  • Some new codes for isomorphism identification among kinematic chains and their inversions
  • Development of a milling parallel robot for educational purposes
  • Out-of-plane valve for blood separation and metering: towards lab-in-a-tube applications for blood diagnostics
  • Vision-based robotic path following


International Journal of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems


  • Urban engineering systems: some synthetic observations on materials
  • Demountable concrete structures - an energy and material saving building concept
  • On permeable porosity in bio-inspired fibre reinforced cementitious composites
  • Performance of NSM -FRP RC beams in flexure and shear using locally developed CFRP rebars
  • More durable or more vulnerable? - Effect of nanoparticles on long-term performance of polymeric nanocomposites during UV exposure
  • Mechanical property enhancement of flax fibre-based green composites for civil structural application


International Journal of System Control and Information Processing


  • Rational swarm for global optimisation
  • Design of PID controllers for dead-time systems using hybrid biogeography based optimisation
  • Topological model and analysis of the P2P BitTorrent protocol
  • Monitoring and modelling of the effects of process settings and screw geometry on melt pressure generation in polymer extrusion
  • Improved stabilisation design for networked control systems with compound Markovian transition probabilities
  • Influence of network connection and synchronisation for Hindmarsh-Rose model
  • Graphical design for stability of linear active disturbance rejection control to first order time delay plants


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Additional Information


The first issues of all our journals are available as free full-text issues. Abstracts and bibliographic details are also available for all articles, and subscription details may be found here.


For more new journals published recently, go to our Journal news page. We also have other new journals in the last stages of the production process, so use the Inderscience news page and blog to keep up with our progress.


Please contact or fax +41-22-9295600 for details of subscriptions.

Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal titles have been registered, with publication planned for 2013-2014:



Contact for subscription details of the complete Collection.

Entrepreneurial Venturing


Terrence E. Brown

Co-Editor in Chief, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing


According to Brown and Kraus (2009:1), the term entrepreneurial venturing relates to the understanding of “‘the entrepreneurial venture’ (Sahlmann et al., 2002), i.e., the concept of entrepreneurship not only being limited to new ventures and start-ups but being further understood as the concentration of opportunity, growth and value creation regardless of company size, age or kind.” Additionally, because “the exploitation of opportunities, the subsequent growth of organisations around these opportunities and the value created by both processes are so vital to the creation and redistribution of societal wealth, the development and the dissemination of more systematic knowledge are required... More

A small but growing section of Inderscience's coverage involves societal issues. There are currently 15 titles published or in preparation in our Society Collection, covering topics such as sustainable society, society systems science, social entrepreneurship and social computing/networking. Coverage also encompasses areas such as migration, happiness, human rights, knowledge-based development, and so on.


Please contact or fax +41-22-7910885 for details of subscriptions.

Inderscience regularly publishes calls for papers for special issues of its journals; here are some of the latest calls whose submission deadlines are coming up in the next few months, arranged by submission date within each topic section:


Call for Papers Journal Titles Deadlines
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Mining Social Networks for Recommender Systems International Journal of Social Network Mining1-Feb
Social Knowledge Discovery and Management International Journal of Social Network Mining1-Feb
Dependable and Secure Computing for Large-Scale Complex Critical Infrastructures International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems 8-Feb
Intelligent Approaches to Pattern Recognition International Journal of Applied Pattern Recognition 30-Mar
Ontology Paradigms in Software Programming Languages International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies31-Mar
Detecting and Mitigating Information Security Threats for Mobile Networks International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation 31-Mar
Innovative Mobile and Internet Technologies International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology20-Apr
Economics and Finance
Economic Diplomacy and Emerging Economies International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy1-Feb
Competitiveness Policies from the Emerging Blocks: a Checkpoint on the Reality of Development through Policy International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies28-Feb
Corruption and Financial Performance of Private and Public Firms International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance28-Feb
Computational Methods for the Analysis of International Capital Flows and Fiscal Policy International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics 30-Apr
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Facebook as an Educational Tool International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments30-Apr
Energy and Environment
Loss and Damage from Climate Change International Journal of Global Warming31-Mar
Air Quality Modelling International Journal of Environment and Pollution31-Mar
Healthcare and Biosciences
Improving Healthcare Outcomes Through Health Informatics International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management15-Feb
Healthcare Research - the Status Quo and New Developments International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research21-Feb
Biomedical Signal and Image Processing International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 28-Feb
Research Issues in Patient-Centric Healthcare Delivery International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise31-Mar
Management and Business
Fast-expanding Markets International Journal of Trade and Global Markets1-Feb
Human Resource Management and Firm Innovativeness in a European Context European Journal of International Management1-Feb
Emerging Economy Multinationals, Innovation and Knowledge Flows International Journal of Technology Management1-Feb
Horizontal Cooperation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics15-Feb
Entrepreneurship and its Socio-cultural ContextsJournal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development28-Feb
Knowledge Intelligence and Innovation for a Sustainable Growth - KnowInG International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development28-Feb
Sustainability and Ethics in Global Transportation Logistics NetworksWorld Review of Intermodal Transportation Research28-Feb
Advances in Low-Carbon Logistics Management International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics1-Mar
Thirty Years of Research in Entrepreneurial Support International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business15-Mar
Multi Criteria Decision Making and Goal Programming in Operations Management International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences31-Mar
Technological Innovation and Social Change Processes International Journal of Learning and Change 31-Mar
Asian Management and Entrepreneurship: Consequences of European Theory and Practice European Journal of International Management1-Apr
Interface between Marketing and Operation ManagementInternational Journal of Management and Decision Making30-Apr
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Human Factors and Ergonomics in Emergency Management International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics1-Mar
Science, Engineering and Technology
Durability of Concrete Structures International Journal of Structural Engineering1-Feb
Swarm Intelligence in Power Engineering International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation1-Mar
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems31-Mar
Energy and Propulsion Systems for Electrified Powertrains International Journal of Powertrains31-Mar
Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Drives and Technologies International Journal of Vehicle Performance30-Apr
Vehicle Ride Comfort and Performance International Journal of Vehicle Performance30-Apr
Vehicle Energy Management and Control International Journal of Vehicle Performance30-Apr


Keep up to date with calls for papers via our RSS feed
(more details on RSS are available here)


For details of some 30 further calls for papers with later deadlines, visit our calls for papers page.

Inderscience publishes 50,000th paper

The Inderscience Online Collection has gone over the 50,000 mark for published papers online. The 50,000th paper published was 'Potential use of transport and dispersion model output to supplement Allied Tactical Publication-45 hazard area prediction templates' by Nathan Platt and Leo Jones, discussing the effect of wind changes on NATOs early warnings for nuclear/chemical/biological incidents. The paper was published in the Int. J. of Environment and Pollution (2012), Vol.48, No.1/2/3/4, pp.30-38. The fully-searchable database represents a major research collection and may be searched free of charge at Full-text papers are available to subscribers and pay-per-view users, unless otherwise marked. Subscriber details are available from


Editorial Appointments

New editors have been appointed as follows:


Dr. Salvatore Vitabile to the International Journal of Adaptive and Innovative Systems.

Professor France Houle to the International Journal of Border Security and Immigration Policy.

Dr. Giovanni Cerulli to the International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics.

Professor Xue-wen (William) Chen to the International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.

Professor Maria Claudia Lucchetti to the International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making.

Dr. Carlo Morelli to the International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy.

Professor Madjid Tavana to the International Journal of Management and Decision Making.

Professor Alain Bernard to the International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management.

Associate Professor G.R. Chandrashekhar to the International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances.

Dr. Daphne Halkias to the International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies.


Editorial News

International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management: It is with great sadness that we have heard news of the passing away of Professor Giuseppe Volpato of IJATM. An obituary for Professor Volpato can be read here.


International Journal of Business Environment: Prof. Dr. Francisco J. Martínez-López, Editor-in-Chief of IJBE, is one of a team of three authors recently awarded best research paper in marketing for 2011; Dr. Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad, Associate Editor of the IJBE, is also one of the authors. The award is given by AEMARK, the Spanish Marketing Association of Academics and Professionals (, to publications where their members participate in the team of authors. The paper concerned is: Gázquez-Abad, J.C.; De Canniere, M.H.; Martínez-López, F.J. (2011). Dynamics of customer response to promotional and relational direct mailings from an apparel retailer: the moderating role of relationship strength, Journal of Retailing, Vol. 87(2), pp.166-181.


International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management and International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making: Professor Constantin Zopounidis has been appointed as an Academician of the RACEF (Royal Academy of Economic and Finance Sciences of Spain). Professor Zopounidis is the Editor-in-Chief of IJFERM and IJMCDM.


Authors’ News

International Journal of Electronic Governance: Thomas Vitiello, Ali Çarkoğlu and Mert Moral were recently awarded the Elizabeth H. Nelson Prize prize for the Best Paper from a Society in Transition. The presentation took place at the 2012 WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion) annual conference in Hong-Kong 14-16 June. Their paper, Voter Advice Applications in Practice: Answers to Some Key Questions from Turkey, is published in IJEG vol. 5(3/4). It is part of a special issue on Voting Advice Applications and the State of the Art Theory, Practice and Comparative Insights.


International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics: The paper, A study on the antecedents of supplier commitment in support of logistics operations, by Christina W.Y. Wong, Kee-hung Lai, Y.H. Venus Lun and T.C.E. Cheng (Int. J. of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 2012 Vol.4, No.1, pp.5-16, DOI: 10.1504/IJSTL.2012.044132) has been cited by ISI Web of Knowledge as a 'Hot Paper' and also as a 'Highly Cited Paper'.


International Journal of Technology and Globalisation: Somalia is to get its first female foreign minister in a cabinet formed by Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon. Fauzia Yusuf Haji Adan described her inclusion as "historic" for both the country and Somali women in particular. In recognition of the appointment, we have made a paper she published with us available on Open Access: Matthew MacGregor, Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam, Saad Ali Shire, (2008), Diaspora and development: lessons from Somaliland. International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, 4(3), 238-255, DOI: 10.1504/IJTG.2008.020329


Calls for Papers


The International Journal of Circuits and Architecture Design has announced a call for papers for its inaugural issue.

Inderscience is pleased to have its journals associated with the following events, either as a media partner or as a publisher of selected papers. calls for papers may be found from the linked pages below. (* represents new entries added since the last issue of Highlights)


Computing and Communications

* International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC) 3 March 2013, Singapore
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Computational Vision and Robotics, Int. J. of Information and Communication Technology

* 27th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2013) 25 - 28 March 2013 Barcelona, Spain
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Computational Science and Engineering, Int. J. of Embedded Systems, Int. J. of Information Technology, Communications and Convergence, Int. J. of Web and Grid Services

* International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics (ICACNI-2013) 12 - 14 June 2013 Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Biometrics, Int. J. of Information and Communication Technology, Int. J. of Computational Intelligence Studies

* International Workshop on Embedded Multi-core Systems (EMS 2013) 1-4 October 2013 Lyon, France
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Computational Science and Engineering

* International Conference on Cloud Security Management (ICCSM-2013) 17 - 18 October 2013 Seattle, USA
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Cloud Computing

Economics and Finance

2nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development 4 - 5 April 2013 Paris, France
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Sustainable Economy

* 2013 International Conference of Critical Accounting 25 - 26 April 2013 New York City, USA
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Critical Accounting, Int. J. of Economics and Accounting, African J. of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, African J. of Economic and Sustainable Development

Education, Knowledge and Learning

* 3rd International Conference on Managing Services in the Knowledge Economy 17-19 July 2013, Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova Famalicão (ULVNF), Portugal
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Knowledge-Based Development

* The 6th Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS-2013) 9 - 12 September 2013, Istanbul, Turkey
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Knowledge-Based Development

Energy and Environment

* SMi's 6th Annual Unconventional Gas Conference 6 - 7 March 2013 London, UK
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Energy Technology and Policy, Int. J. of Global Energy Issues, Int. J. of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology, Int. J. of Petroleum Engineering, Int. J. of Risk Assessment and Management

Management and Business

CPO Exchange 2013 27 - 29 January 2013 Munich, Germany
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Procurement Management

The 10th International CIRCLE Conference 3 - 6 April 2013 Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Business and Globalisation

* International Conference on Marketing & Consumer Behaviour (ICMC 2013) 16 - 17 May 2013 Porto, Portugal
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Hospitality and Event Management, Int. J. of Internet Marketing and Advertising

* 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference 27 - 29 May 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Int. J. of Technology Management, Int. J. of Technology Marketing, Int. J. of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation,

SIBR-Thammasat 2013 Bangkok Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research 6 - 8 June 2013 Bangkok, Thailand
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies, Int. J. of Trade and Global Markets

International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM 2013) 17 - 19 June 2013 Lisbon, Portugal
Associated Journal: European J. of International Management

* European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit (SCL Europe 2013) 25 - 27 June 2013 Berlin, Germany
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling, Int. J. of Enterprise Network Management, Int. J. of Integrated Supply Management, Int. J. of Logistics Economics and Globalisation, Int. J. of Logistics Systems and Management, Int. J. of Shipping and Transport Logistics, Int. J. of Value Chain Management

* International Conference on Events (ICE2013) & 10th AEME Forum 3 - 5 July 2013 Bournemouth, UK
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Hospitality and Event Management

Business & Economics Society International (B&ESI) Conference 6 - 9 July 2013 Monte Carlo, Monaco
Associated Journals: Global Business and Economics Review, Int. J. of Behavioural and Healthcare Research, Int. J. of Economics and Business Research

Science, Engineering and Technology

First International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (INCAMA 2013) 28 - 30 March 2013 Tamilnadu, India
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Machining and Machinability of Materials

* 3rd International Conference on Production and Industrial Engineering (CPIE-2013) 29 – 31 March, 2013 Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Machining and Machinability of Materials

* Forensics Europe Expo 24 – 25 April 2013 Olympia, London, UK
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Biometrics, Int. J. of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics, Int. J. of Forensic Engineering, Int. J. of Liability and Scientific Enquiry

* International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Development 6 - 9 May 2013, Boumerdes, Algeria
Associated Journals: Int. J. of Materials Engineering Innovation, Int. J. of Nanoparticles

5th International Conference on Spacecraft Formation Flying Missions and Technologies 29 - 31 May 2013 Munich, Germany
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Space Science and Engineering

VII Iberian Conference on Tribology (IBERTRIB 2013) 20 - 21 June 2013 Porto, Portugal
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Surface Science and Engineering

2013 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2013) 4 - 7 August 2013 Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Mechatronics and Automation

* International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials (ICANM 2013) 12 - 14 August 2013 Quebec (QC), Canada
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Materials Engineering Innovation

* The 5th International Conference on Modeling, Identification and Control (ICMIC 2013) 31 August 2013 Cairo, Egypt
Associated Journal: Int. J. of Modelling, Identification and Control

Our press releases regularly feature in AlphaGalileo’s Top 5 Hits Parade. AG ‘bridge the gap between the research community and the media as the world’s independent source of research news’. The press release for the following Inderscience paper came fourth in a recent list:


Karayianni, S., Katos, V. and Georgiadis, C.K. (2012) A framework for password harvesting from volatile memory. Int. J. Electric Security and Digital Forensics. 4(2/3), pp.154-163.


The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience and most have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:


Computing, Mathematics and Communications
A study of economic impact of cloud computing
Digital quantum forensics: future challenges and prospects
TransOS: a transparent computing-based operating system for the cloud
Energy and Environment
Biofuels and EU's choices
Biosorption of heavy metals by utilising onion and garlic wastes
Liquid biofuels from tree borne seed oils for automotive diesel engines
The aerosol-cloud-climate conundrum
Healthcare and Biosciences
Bone fragility in postmenopausal women: a preliminary study
Combining approaches for early diagnosis of breast diseases using thermal imaging
Computer aided diagnostic tool for osteoporosis estimation
Estimation of sleepiness using pupillary response and its frequency components
Functional neuroimaging of circadian fatigue
Human bone regeneration from wood: a novel hierarchically organised nanomaterial
Management and Business
Corporate social responsibility and the UK's leading internet service providers
Electronic porn in the workplace: a policy examination
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Potential use of Transport and Dispersion model output to supplement Allied Tactical Publication-45 hazard area prediction templates
Science, Engineering and Technology
A first-order adaptive solution to rapidly spreading flood waves
An efficient clustering-based retrieval framework for real crime scene footwear marks
Validation of models for prediction of chloride ingress in concrete exposed in de-icing salt road environment

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