Globalisation, Technology and Sustainable Development Book Series
The Role of Diaspora in Technology Transfer and Achieving Sustainable Development in Sudan
First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference

PART VI: Environment and waste management

PagesTitle and authors
151 - 163Potential Application of Solar Energy in Sudan
Siddig A. Omer
165 - 171Environment of Sudan: How to Conserve
Suad Sulaiman
173 - 182The Environmental and Economical Advantages of Agricultural Wastes for Sustainability Development in Sudan
Abdeen M. Omer
183 - 194Waste Management: An Environmental and Legal Framework
Sumaia Elsayed
199 - 206The Fractionated Precipitation Process of Zinc and lead Compounds in Ammonical Ammonium Carbonate Solutions
Ali Ahmed, J. Tomas, W. Hintz, T. GŁnther
PagesTitle and authors