Proceedings of the International Conference on
Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2013)
Advanced Technology Solutions and Applications in Higher Education and Enterprises
(from Chapter 9: Emerging Technologies in Creative Applications)

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0 Title: Methodology of implementation of a QSE integrated management system
  Author(s): Bennouna Fatima, Sekhari Aicha, Amegouz Driss
  Address: Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah University, Fes, Maroc, Morocco
University of Lyon 2, Lyon, France
Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah University, Fes, Maroc, Morocco
fatima.bennouna @, aicha.sekhari @, amegouz @
  Reference: SKIMA 2013 Proceedings  pp. 427 - 436
Nowadays, under the pressure of the globalization and the competition, the companies use more and more quality, security and environment process management and certifications. In this sense, we observe several practices of quality, security and environment but established separately, due to the lack of reference table. Currently, there is no repository for the integrated management system (IMS); companies must rely on repositories of three management systems: quality, safety and environment, which can engender contradictory situations and redundancy in terms of actions of improvement. At the international level several standards were introduced but remain very complex to implement. Consequently, a need in terms of methodology is imperative. For that purpose, we are going to adopt the following plan: we are going to present the models and the existing theories through the literature review, after that we will suggest the developed methodology and finally we are going to test this methodology through a case study.
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