Globalisation, Technology and Sustainable Development Book Series
Global and Local Resources in Achieving Sustainable Development

(from Chapter 12: Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses)

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0 Title: Do not do what the Romans do: determinants of international entrepreneurship of UK companies
  Author(s): Maktoba Omar, Sonny Nwankwo, Richards Darlington
  Address: Napier University Business School, Edinburgh, Scotland EH14 1DJ, UK
East London Business School, Longbridge Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 2AS, UK
Morgan State University, School of Business and Management, Baltimore, MD 21251, USA
m.omar @, S.nwankwo @, drichards @
  Reference: WASD 2006 Proceedings  pp. 371 - 380
There is substantial research to indicate that a positive correlation exists between firm-specific characteristics of Multinational Corporations (MNC's) and their international entrepreneurship, vis--vis the mode of market entry selected for overseas markets. Equally there is evidence to suggest that the level of international entrepreneurial orientation is related to specific prevailing factors in the host markets. Given that the importance and degree of international entrepreneurship has remarkably defined a new competitive landscape for international businesses, this paper considers the extent to which the nature of entry to overseas markets is predicated upon the existence of specific variables related to both the firm and the host markets. Accordingly, regression analysis models were used to test the relationship between independent variables related to the firm, the host markets and the level of involvement. This paper concludes that there are strong positive relationships between competitive intensity, degree of standardisation, extent of market research and political risks. Conversely, negative relationships were found in relation to cultural constructs (e.g. individualism and power distance) and the level of foreign involvement.
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