Proceedings of the International Conference
I W S S I P   2005

22 - 24 September 2005, Chalkida Greece
(from Chapter 1: Invited Addresses and Tutorials on Signals, Coding, Systems and Intelligent Techniques)

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0 Title: A new coder for Bilinear Transformation in H.263
  Author(s): Mahmoud Tabandeh, Farokh Marvasti, Seyed Mahdi Bouzari
  Address: Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
tabandeh @, marvasti @, boozari @
  Reference: SSIP-SP1, 2005  pp. 213 - 216
Transferring image sequences requires a very high bit-rate on the communication channels. However, if we want to use telephone lines as the means of communication, the bandwidth constraint problems limit the bit-rates, and the optimal exploitation of link and resource are required. The statistical analysis of video signals indicates that there is a strong correlation both between successive picture frames as well as within the picture elements themselves. Theoretically, decorrelation of these signals can lead to bandwidth compression without significantly affecting image resolution. In this research, in order to reduce bit-rate, we propose a new algorithm using Bilinear Transformation technique for motion compensation in H.263 standard. To find the Bilinear parameters, TSS-search algorithm is adopted. In order to decrease the amount of computations in online communications, we have utilized new conditional motion estimation. Simulation results justify the performance of proposed scheme compared to the other techniques used previously. These results clearly prove that our method reduces bit-rate with respect to H.263 standard.
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